Sunday, June 23, 2013

BIG NEWS: The Unga tax is dead!

We did it!  The National Treasury of Kenya has removed the 16% tax hike on Unga, milk and flour from the VAT bill! 

From community forums to commuter trains, football terraces to facebook pages, and on radio and TV, Kenyans for Tax Justice were joined by thousands of people in Kenya and around the world showing the power of organising.  We helped change a bill that would have crippled already struggling households. 

You helped to change the rules!

Patrick Kamotho, an organiser with Bunge la Mwananchi, part of the Kenyans for Tax Justice campaign, said today “I joined this campaign for tax justice because the Unga tax bill was another way the poor were going to be forced to carry the country on their backs.  Already so many households in places like Muthurwa can’t put food on the table. Thousands said no to Unga tax and showed the power of the people!”

This is only the beginning. We must keep a close eye on the government to make sure they don’t retract this commitment, and we must keep working to make sure that Kenya doesn’t become a tax haven. But today is a good day.

Please share [insert share link] this news with your friends and family. The more visible this progress, the better. 

With thanks, and in hope

Kenyans for Tax Justice

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